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Hello and happy new year 2017 to you all from

The KASANA brand has long been synonymous with exciting, uniquely prepared, expertly crafted authentic Argentinian cuisine. Chef Ana brings her culinary prowess and understated elegance to Winter Gallery Night at Great Lakes Distillery this Friday Jan 20. Featured will be the works of local artist Anita Burgermeister and the craft spirit infused cocktails of the Great Lakes Distillery alchemists.

The always classy JRT will bend some tones to keep the evening lively. Why not join us and show our nation’s energy pundits that ethanol belongs in a snifter, not in my car.

Winter Gallery night @ Great Lakes Distillery

616 W Virginia St

Milwaukee, WI 53204


Friday Jan 20

6pm to 11pm with music from 7pm until whenever

If you happen to be catching the Bucks / 76ers game on Monday Jan 16, say hi as the JRT lends a little R&B to MLK day in the EA (that’s east atrium).


Our recent outing to the friendly and fantastic city of Fond Du Lac included stops at WFDL Sunny 97.7 The Breeze, at 103.3 FM / 1170 AM Oldies and at the fabulous Annie’s Fountain City Cafe. For those who may have missed our foray into morning show madness and shock-jockery, please do check out the interview here. Astute listeners will notice our CD skips on air – a likely consequence of a cold CD on a frigid January morning. Live and unscripted, the gracious hosts (hi Nick, hi Greg) were an absolute riot to hang out with.

Our new friend Annie and her staff at Annie’s Fountain City further confirm that meeting and connecting with tremendous people is one of the sweetest dividends of our charity music endeavor. Much love and some Billy Joel to you, Annie.

To know me is to love me (pause for laughter) but to know my car is to know the folks at O-Reilly Auto Parts on a first name basis. As the JRT contemplates more out-of-town excursions, I will absolutely be leaning on Enterprise for temporary wheels. So in my indefatigable effort to bring you a high quality news letter, I thought I’d provide a ‘Musician’s Automotive Review” for cars that I rent. If ever you have asked a car salesman ‘how many keyboards can this thing hold?’ you quickly discover two things: 1) he don’t know and 2) once pegged as a musician they know your down payment and credit wont be enough to qualify you for even the free coffee in the showroom.

Thus allow me to give a quick summary of the 2015 Nissan Maxima. The thing is big – you could prolly fit 3 bodies in the trunk. OR you could fit both mains, mixing boards, two keyboards, stands and mics with enough room to spare for two vocalists and a driver. Impressive. It’s faster off the line than an exploding Takata airbag, but still clicks off 27mpg highway / ditch / median. Loading / unloading made convenient with no-key locks and low lift-in height. The nav system, trip computer and audio stack rival a Kurzweil PC3 when it comes to lighty-up buttons, settings and menus. Keyboard folks will like that. However, stickering at north of 30k, I wouldn’t want to park it in hinkier parts of town where real blues joints live – leave that for the ’74 Dodge Monaco. In short – it was a pleasure to drive and almost totally did not smell like the heavy febreeze odor was there to cover up some past weirdo stink.

Well, enjoy the balance of Dental Awareness Month.