Going Home

Need some coffee to counterbalance a hard drinkin St Paddy’s day weekend? Why not join the J Ryan Trio at Brewed Cafe? An authentic Brady Street scene sporting great food complimenting a litany of coffee based creations.

Brewed Café

1208 E Brady Street


Saturday March 25

6:30pm – 9:00pm

I’ve read ‘You Can’t go Home Again’, been told I don’t gotta go home, but can’t stay here, and grooved to ‘Down Home Blues’. But the most fun was getting reacquainted with the piano I played at home as a kid. In preparation for our outing at Von Maur (see below) we wanted to hold our regular rehearsals with an acoustic grand. Me Mum (and former piano teacher, and pretty cool lady) graciously allowed our motley JRT to crash her humble abode and rehearse… loudly, using her piano. It made me smile to share real-book jazz with our crew on the same Baldwin on which I plunked out my first notes as a wee lad. I feel old. Mostly because I’m… you know… old.

Speaking of time’s passage, the World record for longest piano concert is 103 hours by Romuald Koperski of Poland, sporting 5 minute breaks every hour, and playing generally well known compositions without improvisation.

By comparison, we will host a short set to celebrate the grand opening of Von Maur at The Corners in Brookfield. A spectacular mixed use development, The Corners will feature Wisconsin’s first Von Maur store replete with a shopping experience unique, enjoyable, and enhanced with both great customer service – and live music. We are excited to have the illustrious Chris Peppas on percussion and master of keys Jeff Stoll helping us out for the evening shift on Saturday and Sunday.

Von Maur

At The Corners of Brookfield

20111 W Bluemound Road

www.vonmaur.com/StorePage.aspx ?ID=45

(Instrumental Jazz)

Saturday April 8

10am to 7pm


Sunday April 9

12 noon to 6pm

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy. Invariably an opportunity to meet the most fun loving people while laying down the thumpinest party set of old school blues, rock and motown we can muster. It’s just a great place to be – and we can’t wait to see you there.

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy

218 N Water Street

414 221 6565 (reservations)


Saturday April 15

9pm to 1am – the wee small hours of the morning, just like Frankie said.

Thanks again your support for our music+charity mission. We are blessed to share good tunes and good times all for the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative.

Do check out our website – do like us on facebook, do stop out, do snag our recent album at any of our shows, don’t pet that dog – you don’t know where he’s been