A Modern Stone-Age Fa-mi-ly

Before Black Friday solicitations blow up your spam folder, wanted to shamelessly plug our upcoming holiday JRT dates AND sincerely wish you all a Thanksgiving spent in the warm embrace of friends, family and a tryptophan induced mini-coma. Thanksgiving – time to shine for that crazy uncle that you see maybe twice a year. Proud to say: I AM that uncle..

Great Lakes Distillery

616 W Virginia St, Milwaukee, WI 53204



Friday Nov 17

7pm to 10pm

Wine-Barrel-Kinnickinnic Whiskey release and special tasting party. It’s not everyday that a new whiskey is born. Join the party and be the fist to sample this bouncing baby bourbon.

Caroline’s Jazz Club

401 S 2nd Street



Friday Dec 8

8:30pm – midnight

Walk in the door at Carolines – grab a seat. There – you just notched +10 points on the coolness scale. Order a Manhattan? +20 points. Wearing something classy? Another +20 to you good sir or madam. Admit that you know the JRT? minus 5, but hey that’s still a net +45.

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy

218 N Water St, Milwaukee

(but enter via the alley off Chicago Ave)



Saturday Nov 18

9pm – 1am

The place to see and be seen. Stop in and say hello – we love catching up with friends old and new at Bugsy’s.

Speaking of new friends… check out our ‘who’s who in the zoo page’ at www.jryantrio.com/the- sometimes-trio to meet our newest low-note-wrangler Mr. Dave Ciepluch.

Dave Ciepluch is a stand-up guy, which is in part why he seems so tall. His strong faith and goodness provide a compass ensuring focus on our true North – charitable service through great music. His skill and acumen on the bass provide the delectable and right-as-rain funky grooves we love so much. His wisdom and experience provide ripping good tales – and lots of ‘em. Salty yarns from his encyclopedic knowledge old school rock, blues and soul.

Dave’s solid sound likely stems from a proud lineage of musical giants – reaching perhaps even back to prehistoric times…

Ancient Dave: unfrozen caveman bassist: Dave say fire good, but fire hot – no touch fire. But old school soul and blues hot too – Dave want touch soul and blues, but Dave need tool. Og in next cave invent wheel, but wheel no make music go, and Og is jerk, never share mastodon meat… stupid Og. So Dave invent new tool – call it bass. Bass make low note go. Go low note, go. Dave bass so cool – he money. Caveman Dave next want invent friend for bass – call it kick drum. But sabertooth eat Caveman Dave, kick drum need wait.

In fact, so highly respected is Dave among his peers that when proclaiming his allegiance to the JRT, friends and family doubted the veracity of his claim – finding it incredulous their upstanding and respectable musician would associate with such wanktankerous odd-balls. But associate he does, and blessed are we to have him plying the deep frequencies. Oh, and we like his hats.