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It is now week 3 of 2018 and I have yet through my own gross negligence or imbecilic machinations to screw things up irreparably – a new record. Woo and hoo. Actually, the year is off to a fine start blessed by music shared amongst our JRT family.

And no family is complete without a photo album – ostensibly a repository of cherished memories, also a clearing house for embarrassing pics yielding hilarity and occasional opportunity for blackmail. Thus check out our choicest JRT family Polaroids appended to the tail end of this newsletter.

Also – we are absolutely stoked to add to our charity partnerships Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. The supercharged heroes of FAEW channel food donated by individuals and institutions and deliver it with devastating efficiency to a plethora of Milwaukee and Eastern Wisconsin food banks. Innovation sets them apart – driving meaningful and much needed positive impact in our Wisconsin communities. Click this link for more info www.feedingamericawi.org and get on board for the February PB&J drive.

Please do hang out with the little ‘ole JRT at any of the following upcoming events:

Throwback Prom

fundraiser for the American Red Cross

Badger State Brewing Co.

Sunny Green Bay Wisconsin


Saturday Jan 27

Road trip – if you will be in the Green Bay area on Jan 27, please do click the link above for more info and to purchase tickets – it’s a great cause and in addition to a party featuring drinks and dress of the prohibition era 1920’s, is also a rare opportunity to mix democratic and monarchical rule as the prom King and Queen are selected via voted ballot. We will feature bicameral music from the Brubeck album “Jazz Goes to Electoral College”.

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy

218 N Water St, Milwaukee

(but enter via the alley off Chicago Ave)



Saturday Feb 3

9pm – 1am

We’ll play a cookin set as Bugsy’s is the overlap of old-school classy and new-school cool. If you can’t have a good time there, as a board certified funk-sician, I recommend you be checked for acute anti-fun-a-dosis.

The Bay Restaurant in Whitefish Bay

342 E Silver Spring Dr, Whitefish Bay



Friday Feb 23

8pm – 11pm

The Bay is your place for casual dining with attention to detail. Great ambiance, tasty food and a full bar all in the heart of walkable Whitefish Bay. We’ll add an eclectic mix of whatever you feel like hearing, from Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra to the Temptations and Michael Jackson.

Excerpts from the JRT family album:

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin – a great cause to add to our charity mission – completely impressed with what they do and how they do it.

It was 5° below that day – I wore the puffy coat. I think it’s gortex.

Alissa and Mike at Shank Hall – JRT opening for the sweet rockin sounds of Jasmine Cain.

Now what is Alissa thinking in this picture? Clearly it’s some sort of (justifiable and well deserved) disdain for the piano man, sure that’s a given. But is it annoyance, disbelief maybe tinged with pity? We’ll never know, that’s the fun of it.

Every time we play equipment is moved from vehicular stowage to full setup and back again. Some join a gym and honestly I just don’t get it. If you’d like to be in great shape and save $50 a month, call me and let’s talk about being a roadie. We’ll make sure you work the abs, glutes and Rolands.

We witnessed on Dec 23 the end of an era – last solo public appearance for the venerable and fabulous Mr. Joe Hite. He will in 2018 pilot the Joe Hite Orchestra through the heady airspace of weddings and corporate events – depriving us proletariat of slack-jawed stupefied amazement of his work on mic and keys. He is as stellar an individual as he is a musician.

And this is a picture of some cats… because no photo album is complete without beloved family pets. You know I will include for you, dear reader, whatever shameless schlock I think will keep you from hitting ‘unsubscribe’. Just look at those faces… I mean, c’mon.