February. Feb-RU-ary. I find myself saying it Feb-U-ary, what’s with this ‘ru’? I dunno. Oh – and happy Chinese New Year – now entering the year of the Dog… that seems about right.

No worries, we’ll keep doing what we do – and in so doing extend you a sincere and heartfelt invitation to join us at any of the following upcoming J Ryan Trio outings – you know we’d love to see you.

The Bay Restaurant in Whitefish Bay

342 E Silver Spring Dr, Whitefish Bay


Friday Feb 23

8pm – 11pm

A relaxed venue in the heart of charming Whitefish Bay, the menu features tasty dishes, the bar features a fine selection, and the J Ryan Trio feature an eclectic mix of jazz and cookin numbers. Sounds like a right-fine combination.

Milwaukee Bucks

Bradley Center – East Atrium

Sunday March 4

5:30pm until tip-off at 7pm

Bucks vs Philadelphia 76’ers. Last season at Bradley Center – check out the Deer in action as we wind down the end of an era.

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy
218 N Water St, Milwaukee (but enter via the alley off Chicago Ave)


Friday March 23

9pm – 1am

Bugsy’s – voted best Speakeasy in Wisconsin. We are making a Friday appearance on this one – seems like a fine way to cap the week.

Our busy schedule is also available on our website at As I am sure you can relate, I find myself often running full tilt just to keep up. Thus when things break, wear out or otherwise malfunction I find it overwhelming to chisel out time needed to engineer a fix. To the rescue I deploy a clever technique I have dubbed: “Fix-ished”.

“Fix-ished”: not fixed properly, but mostly almost good enough. A real time-saver when needing repair with time simply not available, or when time could be better spent watching Blues Brothers on TBS because, I mean – really who knows when they’ll re-run that film.

Now don’t get carried away: “Fix-ished” is not for everything. Things like… mmmmm, aircraft maintenance, dental work, veterinary science – these would be good candidates for doing the job, you know, completely legit. The following examples, however, I feel were low-hanging fruit ripe for the plucking.

With snow to shovel and holes in my glove – what to do? Almost too obvious, this slathering of duct tape is for the beginner ‘fix-ished’ aficionado. More advanced learners will graduate to caulk, bailing wire and eventually JB Weld.

A musical entry – this keyboard pedal suffered a broken housing due to, um… unbridled enthusiasm during a Stevie Wonder song. The giant washer and Herman Munster looking bolt have held this hot mess together for several years now.

Aaaah – an automotive entry. My beloved ride is 20 years young – far too tender an age to consider recycling into soup cans. Concerned that crafty thieves might steel groceries from the trunk through the holes in the fenders (and having lost a case of Dr Pepper through the same rusty egress) a meticulously crafted patch-panel was unceremoniously caulked and screwed to the vehicle. Both classy AND functional? Yes you can have it all once embracing the “Fix-ished” lifestyle.