Calling All Hep (and Actual) Cats

Direct from the voices in my head to the pixels on your screen – it’s the J Ryan Trio July Newsletter – a hot mess of incoherence.

Caroline’s Jazz Club

401 S 2nd Street


Thursday July 19

8:30pm – midnight

A birthday party featuring a solid evening of heavy hitting jazz, blues and maybe even a little rock-n-roll. Hey – you’re only as old as you feel, which puts me at about 86. But I act like a third grader so it all averages out…

Arte´ Wine and Painting Studio

1442 Underwood Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI 53213


Friday July 20

7pm – 10pm

An evening for both the multi-taskers and the relaxers. The frenetic will appreciate listening to a not-too-shabby band while ALSO blending paint-on-canvass while ALSO enjoying great cocktails. The laid back and cool-as-cucumber set will dig a drink on the best patio in the city while enjoying the sounds of summer. Arte´ is the place where personalities of all types meet, greet, paint, groove and relax – join us Friday for a set to remember.

And Arte´ is for painters of any skill level – consider the image below showcasing a piece hand-crafted by yours truly entitled “attempted piano” – clearly an outsider artist with medication not properly titrated. Compare this to the lovely rendition of Theophile Steinlen’s iconic poster advertising Le Chat Noir. This copy is acrylic-on-canvass by our vivacious and lovely web-master / stage manager / sometimes diva – the one and only Heather.

We’ve always considered black cats to be good luck – harbingers of good musical times when found popping out of drum cases, sleeping in keyboard cases or dropping whiskers into martinis during many a rehearsal. A Claritin with a whiskey chaser is the standard prep for our vocalists.

The cats in our musical extended family are not limited to the feline variety. My special thanks this month to the hard hitting and steady groovin Luke from the Milwaukee Blues Rock Collective for joining us on our Caroline’s set. In addition to the J Ryan Trio facebook page ( be sure to check out the blues alley cats of the Milwaukee Blues Rock Collective at milwaukeebluesrockcollective/. They’ll be at the State Fair in early August where animals of all varieties can be observed.

A reminder to check all drum cases before the gig.

credit: The Onion