Happy Halloween

Just a quick update to keep our loyal J Ryan Trio newsletter subscribers in the loop. Happy Halloween to you all, and do stop out and say hello. J Ryan Trio schedule available anytime at www.jryantrio.com

The Cheel

105 S Main St, Thiensville, WI 53092



Saturday Nov 3

9pm to late

The Cheel was voted among the top 5 new restaurants in Milwaukee – and with good reason. Their handcrafted dishes deliver authentic flavors from quality ingredients. Enjoy the full bar – heck enjoy the music why dontcha.

Caroline’s Jazz Club

401 S 2nd Street



Thursday Nov 8

8:30pm – 11:30pm

Jazz and blues and a few surprises – with Cadillac Jimmy on bass – check it out. It’s a true jazz club and Milwaukee landmark.

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy

218 N Water St, Milwaukee

(but enter via the alley off Chicago Ave)



Saturday Nov 17

9pm – 1am

No shame in reserving a table to get a good seat – simply call ’em up and they’ll put you within hecklin’ distance. Bugsy’s is always undiluted straight up fun.

I usually work to create a marginally uplifting newsletter infused with positivity. However, in the spirit of Halloween, I’ll allow this month’s edition to trend just a smidge darker. All in good fun – enjoy.

Halloween ranks behind Arbor Day and Broccoli Appreciation Day as my least favorite holiday. I’ve never been a fan of the ‘pop-in’ style of unannounced visit, and wee tykes in costumes are no exception. Although paying off the children with candy such that they don’t mess with the house is a refreshingly honest transaction.

Here’s a list of candy I don’t like:

  • Candy Corn – What flavor is it supposed to be? If brainstorming new candy ideas, best to start with something good and make it better – make it candy-er. Corn is not a starting point. Any vegetable really, no-one wants candy asparagus or candy spinach either. Plus they seem perfectly shaped to choke on – was that intentional?
  • Laffy Taffy – tastes pretty good but it sticks on my teeth and I find myself chomping and slobbering it into submission like a dog trying to eat a pill wrapped in cheese. More hassle than it’s worth.
  • Black Licorice – How tough must life have been when this candy was invented? This flavor could only be considered passable in a world yet to invent TV, the internet or indoor plumbing. Does it taste horrible? Sure, but back in the day it took your mind off of tuberculosis.
  • Little boxes of Raisins – don’t give out little boxes of raisins – kids don’t want that. Nobody wants that. Just, just don’t do it.
  • Anything with Nougat – I don’t know what nougat is and I don’t trust it. I don’t even like the word – it’s phonetically icky and seems a better moniker for an industrial lubricant than a candy.
  • Anything with Coconut – Coconut insists upon itself. It has no business ruining perfectly good chocolate but inserts itself into the party like an unwelcome guest.
    • Hey we’re getting together Saturday for dinner, feel like stopping by?
    • Oh yeah, sounds good – hey can Coconut come along? He just went through a rough patch and could use a night out – is that okay?
    • Uuuuuumm, well – yeah sure I guess that’s fine – he’s not bringing nougat, is he?
  • Leftover Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts – If you still have these sitting in the front-room candy jar mixed in with three sticks of Freedent and the keys to an ‘09 Scirocco, it is not OK to unload these expired candies on the trick-or-treaters. Save them for care packages you send to folks out-of-state. What are they gonna do about it? They’re outta state!
  • Pennies – pennies are not candy.

Alright – have a good Halloween and if you find a bowl of candy on the porch of life, be a stand-up individual and take only one piece.