Westallion Brewery Fundraiser, Bugsy’s ‘Fun’-raiser, and more

Genuine, friendly, down-home and fun describes both the Westallian Brewery and the fundraiser they are graciously hosting this Friday night April 5. Mark your calendars; it promises to be a groovily delicious evening of craft brews and music with the J Ryan Trio. Every penny raised goes directly to the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative. We are beyond excited to debut the Westallion – be there as it ain’t the same without you.

Westallion Brewery
1825 S 72nd St, West Allis, WI 53214
Friday April 5
7pm – 10pm

I’m told there’s no such thing as a sure thing. But odds are it’s a lock, a lock I say, that April’s Bugsys outing will be a perfectly blended a mix of swingin dance-able tunes, good laughs and gen-u-ine rejuvenation in Milwaukee’s coolest and friendliest spot.

Tell ’em Ryan sent ya.
To which they’ll respond “Ryan who?”
You’ll then clarify “you know – J Ryan”
Which generally prompts the response “Who’s in the what now?”
So yes, it will get awkward, but still – totally worth it.

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy
218 N Water St, Milwaukee
(but enter via the alley off Chicago Ave)
Saturday Apr 20
9pm – 1am

It’s funny, this musical thing of ours. I gotta believe not too many bands slate Miles Davis and Lady Gaga in the same set. Or ricochet from Sinatra to the Temptations while grazing a Stevie Wonder tune. With the way down low notes being the bedrock of the rhythm section, a bassist with a stone-cold grip on that casserole of styles is as rare as hen’s teeth, but we got ’em. Indeed the little ole JRT is blessed to have not one but three, count ’em three tremendous bassists of stratospheric caliber: the triumvirate of Mike, Dave and Cadillac Jimmy.

With a ’64 Coupe Deville in the garage and decades of experience on Milwaukee’s rock scene under his belt, we had to bestow upon him the affectionate moniker of Cadillac Jimmy. Stuttgart? Tokyo? naaah. Only the hard-scrabble ground and true grit of Detroit could incubate things so iconically American as the Cadillac he drives and the Motown, blues and rock that he plays. Kicked around? Sure, a little bit. Both Cadillac and the Jimmy that shares the brand have seen their portion of hard knocks, tough times. But real cars like real people don’t quit. They know what really counts – being the best there is and in exchange enjoying the adulation of those that care deeply about them. Sure, Caddy’s have their enthusiasts, and any car club will geek like hell over a ’59 Eldo, but a Cadillac Jimmy bass line? not even full sticker price can buy you that – it can only be found when he weaves his magic with the JRT.