Biting the Hand That Feeds You

School’s out, summer travel on tap – but still plenty of fun to be had in and around Mil-town. Wanted to keep you in the loop on the following dates – full schedule at

Arte´ Wine and Painting Studio
1442 Underwood Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Friday June 14
7pm – 10pm

Part of the Arte´ Wine and Paint summer music series – enjoy drinks prepared by gracious staff, painting tips provided by their top artists and music courtesy of, um… well the little ole JRT of course. Ingredients of a perfect Friday nite.

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy
218 N Water St, Milwaukee
(but enter via the alley off Chicago Ave)
Saturday June 15
9pm – 1am

The cavalcade of musical anomaly that is the JRT will convene our June plenary speakeasy session at the fabulous Bugsy’s. Both members and prospective inductees into our musical family are encouraged to attend.

Special Alert: The JRT is very excited to be opening for Kings and Associates at Ally’s Bistro the evening of July 10 for a special event as part of their US tour. Awarded multi Australian Blues Music Awards and 2018 ARBA album of the year, you’ll want to eek out time on your summer calendar to reserve seats for this very, very special event. Rest assured I’ll keep you posted with further details. In the meantime check them out at the link below:

Speaking of special events, we had a little 8’th grade graduation shindig last Friday. Not sure when 8’th grade graduation became an event – but I’ve got the left-over cupcakes to prove it’s indeed a thing. Oh you know the cupcakes – store bought jobbers that if not consumed at the party, get unceremoniously dumped in the office break room on Monday morning – the hallowed tradition of feeding left-overs to co-workers. Ostensibly a waste-not, want-not arrangement but also a fascinating ongoing social experiment. I’ve seen left for the taking both delicious morsels, and less desirable fare:

  • Random vegetables – from a home garden or maybe from a relative serving in an agrarian work camp – and always includes zucchini. Any workplace in July / Aug invariably features abandoned zucchini. Why grows them if you don’t wants them? No-one takes them – no one wants unwrapped fringe vegetables on their desk all day, or wants to tote these nature-made punch-lines with them to the parking lot. Tomatoes? I guess, but the zucchini thing has got to stop.
  • Christmas cookies – anytime after Jan 10. I’ve seen these things show up in March…. March. Sometimes they’re broken into pieces in what I suspect is an attempt to mask their origin, but I know my cookie forensics and ain’t no way those rock-hard atrocities were crafted in any month other than December. Heck the tin says ‘feliz navidad’. Now my Spanish is limited to that and ‘donde esta la biblioteca’ but those cookies are ‘no bueno’.
  • Any candy not in a wrapper. And this goes for hotel check-in desks, banks counters all of that. M&M’s or Mike & Ikes or whatever ampersanded confectionery exposed to whomever last took a big unwashed handful… no. hecks no. In our resurgent age of measles, swimmers ear and restless leg syndrome the whole unwrapped candy scene is done. Shut it down.
  • Candy that IS wrapped, but has near it a sign-up sheet for boy scout troop 007 or brownie troop YYZ or whatever wee-tyke paramilitary club y’all are into. Don’t get me wrong – those are all great organizations and I’m more than happy to buy a $5 Twix to support them. My request is simply that the sign-up sheet be explicit and clearly marked in direct adjacency to said candy. Else I think I found free candy (free candy!) but instead inadvertently commit a serious and egregious social misdeed inadvertently stealing from the wee tykes. Wee tykes with survival and military training.

Oh – and I don’t like potlucks.