My Cat’s on Prozac

Got some great music on the way – check out details below or at We’re excited to share not only our sound, but our charity mission supporting both Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative.

Caroline’s Jazz Club
401 S 2nd Street
Wednesday June 26
8:30pm – 11:30pm

Opening day of Summerfest. Stop in on the way to the fireworks, or on the way back from the fireworks for a chance to win Summerfest tickets courtesy of your friends in the J Ryan Trio. Or avoid the parking and crowds and hang out old-school at club Carolines – it’s the zig to Summerfest’s zag.

MOTOR Restaurant and Bar
BBQ and Blues at the Harley Davidson Museum

400 W Canal St, Milwaukee, WI 53203
Saturday July 6
5pm – 8pm

Catch the Milwaukee Blues Rock Collective at MOTOR on the campus of the Harley Davidson Museum. We’re B students all night as we focus on Bourbon, Blues, BBQ and Breakin-it-down old school. Visit MOTOR for a unique and well crafted experience (on two wheels, or four). All proceeds from the MBRC appearance at this outing benefit Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative.

Well – my cat’s on Prozac. I’m completely unmedicated but the cat’s on anti-depressants. That’s messed up on (at least) two counts. You see, one of our cats passed recently. The remaining cat (Pango) took the loss personally. In fact he stopped eating, gave up on doing much of anything. I’m sure with opposable thumbs he would have hit the bottle pretty hard. After a few days of no food we thought it best to have him checked out. Clean bill of health but learned the little fella was likely distraught over the loss of his feline brethren. Amazing social depth for an animal still willing to eat off the floor. Anyhoo, after a few days on happy pills, he’s back to his old self – remarkable. Good thing too as his despondence prevented him from sitting on his favorite sofa. Not sure how the therapy sessions were to work if he wont sit on the couch.

The J Ryan Trio – how does that make you feel?