Variety (and Mrs Dash) are the spice-of-life. Thus the JRT back-half of January has on tap everything from Michael Jackson and the Beatles to Miles Davis and Sinatra. The common thread being the charities you help us support. For musical variety rely on the JRT, For Mrs Dash I’d try Metcalfe’s Market – they’ve got everything including live music from time to time.

Ally’s Bistro
N72W13350 Lund Ln, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
Friday Jan 24
8pm – 10pm

Ally’s combats winter cold and flurries with wildly convenient parking, legendary warm & friendly staff, hot dishes, and a full bar (consider Brandy when it’s cold outside – that’ll toast you up Wisconsin style).

Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum
2220 N. Terrace Avenue, Milwaukee
Sunday Feb 2
10:30am – 12:30pm
(as in: the morning)

Tired of hearing ryan’s inane on-mic banter? So are most. Thus we offer you a morning of fresh coffee and instrumental jazz in a stunningly beautiful setting at Villa Terrace. Enjoy the exhibits and the music as the OJ’s (that’s the original J Ryan Trio) plumbs mid-century jazz and the Great American Songbook.