About the JRT

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ‘J Ryan Trio’ anyway?

The J Ryan Trio plays jazz standards and down home blues all with a soulful feel in and around Milwaukee with every last dollar raised from album sales and live performance going to charity.

How did this mess happen?

Accidentally. See, the original plan was simply to record a piano demo and play solo from time to time. Went ahead and added drums and bass to the recording sessions and with the magic of an extremely talented engineer / producer, out popped a reasonably listenable 12 track CD. We convened our first little outing on April 28, 2012 and thanks to our great supporters were off and running.

What’s the point?

Our philosophy is this: have a great time while supporting a great cause. Talented musicians free to express themselves in an environment of love and fellowship produce a joyful sound. Sounding tight on every last note is good, but will always take second billing to a sound that is true, genuine, real and from the heart. Never the musical equivalent of processed food, rather a jambalaya of good improvisational ingredients cooked up a little different each time. The minute it stops being fun for the band or the listener, we all take up golf.

But there are seven of you in a Trio. What are you, mental?


You seem like the kind of people that enjoy sending spam – do you have a mailing list?

We are, and we do. Email rjanscha@gmail.com if you’d like to be added to the list. All the cool kids are on the list… when they’re not smoking.

Where do you perform such that we can be sure to avoid you?

Check out the events page to see when next we will be out and about at some great Milwaukee restaurants and bars. We have also played charity fundraisers, corporate events and wedding cocktail hours. We are available in any configuration from solo piano / vocals to a full jazz/blues ensemble. For bookings, or just to say hello, please email rjanscha@gmail.com.