The Ditty Bag

Let’s work those spam filters with a second JRT newsletter for September. Much hubbub to bub about – check out the details below, or hop over to / find us on Facebook / or even ReverbNation.

Caroline’s Jazz Club

I’ll say it again:

Caroline’s Jazz Club

401 S 2nd Street

414 221 9444

Thursday Sept 14

8:30pm – midnight

The J Ryan Trio would love to see you at a jazz club named by Downbeat Magazine in 2016 as one of the world’s best. Published since 1934, Downbeat is the publication of record for all things jazz. To share the experience and vibe of the real Caroline’s with our close friends (that’s you) would be a highlight and privilege. Please do join us on Thursday.

Street Eats festival

Catalano Square – Third Ward (south end of Buffalo Street)

Friday Sept 15

4pm – 8pm

Bring along the dogs and the kids for the best food-truck dinner in town. It’s a great scene.

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy

218 N Water St, Milwaukee

(but enter via the alley off Chicago Ave)

414 221 6565

Saturday Sept 16

9pm – 1am

(Re)birth of the cool. It’s bugsy’s and it truly is a night-time Milwaukee gem. I love hanging out there, but I love-love laying down some cookin music there. JRT party tables are the ones next to the stage – tell ’em Heather sent you.

The Ditty Bag – a 1960 reprint of a 1947 paperback. Being a fan of anything vintage and mid-century modern, I was stoked to geek out over this bizarre tome lent to me by our friend Kristin. Page upon page of music lead sheets covering the most eclectic and unheard-of songs ever written.

This book has unseated my previous vintage favorite: The New Hotdog Cookbook. First published in 1968 by folks presumably juiced-in with the Hormel or Oscar Mayer crowd, this pulp-non-fiction features an entire chapter on ‘hot dog casseroles’. Yeah – that happened… AND in an almost totally unrelated development, ryan is not allowed to serve food at rehearsals anymore.

But back to The Ditty Bag. Let’s review some choice song selections from this American classic:

Page 24: “Twankydillo” – The title’s meaning is never revealed, but is repeated 5 times in each of 3 choruses. I think the UN has ruled singing this song a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Page 88: “Nice Girls Don’t Chase the Boys”
I’m guessing this song fell out of rotation once replaced with “Mean Girls Swipe Left”…or something along those lines.

Page 99 – my personal favorite: “When Your Potato’s Done”
What I assumed was a clever euphemism for something cheeky is merely a heart-felt ballad to the cooking and subsequent consumption of America’s favorite tuber. The swingin ride-out chorus concludes:

When my potato’s done I shall eat it
Frizzled or charred, soft or hard
When my potato’s done I shall eat it
If it’s good or not!

Why bother making it rhyme… or make any sense. And they put it in Ab – the poato-est of keys.

But The Ditty Bag also sports an ‘advice for band leaders’ section. Number 10 in the ‘summary of pointers’ indicates I’ve clearly been doing things all wrong:

page 184 – “In general, aim at singing with spirit that does not degenerate into raucousness, and with expression that does not degenerate into ultra-soulfulness”.

Well – here’s to our new setlist and spirit of non-degeneracy…

Two By Two

Looking for something fun to do this weekend that doesn’t involve netflix binging? Stop out on Friday and / or Saturday and hang out with us!

Arté Wine and Paint

1442 Underwood Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Friday Sept 8

7pm to 10pm

Summer has been extended – but only briefly: it’s on the patio at Arté Wine and Paint in Wauwatosa this Friday. Try their signature Moscow Mule still served in the proper copper cup. Oh – and the JRT will be there for some funk and soul and blues and rock and / or roll.

Silver Spring House

6655 N Green Bay Ave, Milwaukee WI 53209

(between Silver Spring and Good Hope on Green Bay Ave)

Saturday Sept 9

8:30pm to 11:30pm

Two words that sum up a proper Wisconsin Saturday nite: Supper. Club. Brandy old Fashioned and the JRT – it’s the perfect combination. Actually the title of ‘perfect combo’ has been occupied by ‘chocolate and peanut butter’ for as long as Reese’s has had a marketing department. But Brandy old Fashioned + JRT at least makes the top 10. Try both at Silver Spring house.

Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it (M Twain / C Dudley). I knew we were in trouble when I saw our drummer Andy shuttling animals onto a boat two by two. Where did he get a boat anyway? And where did he find a petting zoo? It was the Bender Park Beer Garden – the close-out beer garden of the summer. Despite forecasts that morning of ‘party sunny’ the sky opened up and… well… how high’s the water, Johnny? ‘Five feet high and rising’ (J Cash). We soldiered on through calls of ‘batten down the hatches’ and ‘Spanish galleon off the port bow’, but finally, wisely, decided that water, lightening, an aluminum canopy and electric keyboards don’t mix. My 61 key Roland B3 organ got watered – maybe it grows to a full 88 like a Chia pet if I keep at it.

But I defy you to find a heartier crew than the JRT. Salty dogs of the sea: neither rain, nor (almost) snow nor heat nor gloom of night will keep us from our appointed songs. Nor some dude yelling ‘Free Bird’, requests for ‘Dr Dre’ (kid you not), opening for an AC/DC cover band (yeah, that happened) or even my car pinky getting jacked with a crow bar (‘fraid so). Nope – we love the music, the laughs and the charity mission too much to be deterred. But we can’t do it without you – your support and friendship is simply where it’s at. So find us around town, say hi on facebook and check out the new reverb nation site. Or simply wish us no specific harm – we don’t ask much.

Next newsletter is coming at you in less than a week – stuff’s happening fast and your spam filter needs a workout.

Bedside Manor

A Summer evening’s patio at Arte Wine and Paint is chill perfect. Share it with the J Ryan Trio this Friday.

Arte Wine and Paint

1442 Underwood Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Friday August 11

7pm to 10pm

Free admission, kid friendly, tastings from local area restaurants, live music – the good folks from Gateway to Milwaukee know how to throw a great party – and you’re invited. Feel free to RSVP at the link below, or simply stop on down and enjoy.

Taste of the Gateway

Hosted by Gateway to Milwaukee

3980 S 6’th Street Milwaukee, WI 53221

Thursday August 17

Music starts at 5:00pm

Beer and food and family and dogs in parks with music is: Milwaukee awesome – give a shout out to the waning days of summer with us at:

Beer Garden at Doctors Park

1870 E Fox Ln, Fox Point, WI 53217

Saturday August 19

5pm to 8pm

Safety first: the J Ryan Trio has gone 935… uh… 8 days without a loss work injury. Our convivial lighting designer, chief heckler, webmaster, and part time haberdasher… our dear Heather suffered a fractured fibula and tender tibia after a terrible tumble right here at JRT Towers. Fearing a lawsuit, our staff did their best to move her onto public property to avoid litigation. As the attached medical record will show, her cast was subsequently vandalized – callously usurped in a shameless plug for the J Ryan Trio. In fairness, we find our most loyal demographic are those unable to escape our musical cacophony.

Regardless of your position on the health-care debate, we can all agree that Ryan makes a lousy nurse. He’s never on call, not great about keeping track of the pills, and real twitchy when it comes to the sight of blood. But restore Heather back to health he will. Nay it may be Ryan’s lousy bedside manner that encourages accelerated healing and full recovery. Else she’ll have to simply accept a pirate’s fate and go with a peg leg and parrot.

Aye matey but if it be loot and treasure ye scalywags seek… we’ll I don’t know what to tell you because historically pirates were straight up jerks. Pillaging British merchant vessels.. I mean – let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Wait, what were we talking about?

I dunno – anyhoo – have yourselves a fabulous home stretch of Summer and though it be hot outside, thanks for being so cool – we love you all

School’s Out

Greetings from Washington DC. Pleased to report I finagled enough time to pop on over to Blues Alley – the iconic jazz club in Georgetown. Also ran across a very solid cat playing jazz guitar late night in the park. He was unwilling to commute to Milwaukee to jam with us…

In other J Ryan Trio news, we are so glad to have our singer Kristi back with us. You may recall she missed a few Spring dates whilst ruining the grading curve for the other BSN nursing students with her straight-A proclivities. I’m proud to say we’ve declared her ‘smart enough’ and she is back with us this summer. Three part harmony is the best part harmony. In celebration we’ve posted a brand-new-never-before-heard studio recording of ‘Hit the Road Jack’ featuring dear Kristi on our Sample Tracks page.

We have a number of fun outings slated for July – check out the info below:

Arte Wine and Paint

1442 Underwood Ave, Wauwatosa, 53213

414 810 6095

Friday July 14

7pm -10pm

Wine and paint and paint and wine – on the patio or inside the loft-style studio space, or even at the bar – it’s just good clean fun on a summer night with friendly, skillful, helpful staff. I mixed my daubs of acrylics into a new color I dubbed ‘Roland Key Mash Purple’. It didn’t look like much, but I think the tube said ‘non-toxic’ – it tasted none too bad.

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy

218 N Water St, Milwaukee (but enter via the alley off Chicago Ave)

414 221 6565

Saturday July 15

9pm – 1am

Swingin – yes. Classy – yes. Old school vibe – yes. Yet trendy and cool – indeed yes. I’ve been singing the praises of Bugsy’s for some time as I just simply dig it. If you still haven’t been, hey give it a try.

Beer Garden – South Shore Terrace

2900 S Shore Dr Milwaukee 53207

Wednesday July 19

5pm – 8pm

If you have yet to visit a beer garden this year, do check your drive’s license as you might be from Illinois. Home of the Miller 1855 bar, the South Shore Terrace also serves tasty snacks – do note it is cash only. Our outing at the South Shore Terrace benefits Interfaith Older Adult Programs – stop out and meet some of the great volunteers.

Great Lakes Distillery

616 W Virginia St Milwaukee 53204

414 431 8683

Thursday July 20

6pm – 8pm

An ice cream social (for the grown ups – it is at a distillery after all) with proceeds benefiting Warm Up Winter – the Milwaukee Fire Dept’s charity for students in need of winter coats – a great reminder to enjoy the warm days of summer while they last.

Have a great July

Gateway to Summer

Bring on the heat – this weather trumps the slush-laden old-snow of February any day. Having enjoyed thoroughly hanging out with new friends and old at last weekend’s Street Eats and the venerable Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy, we are right-and-ready to see you at:

Silver Spring House

6655 N Green Bay Ave, Milwaukee WI 53209

(between Silver Spring and Good Hope on Green Bay Ave)

Saturday June 10

9pm to 11:30pm

A long-running favorite stop for those-in-the-know featuring full menu and well stocked bar in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Sit outside or in (or stand if you must). I’m thinking of debuting sumathose LED lighty-up thingies to wash drummer Andy in a weird glow – you don’t wanna miss that.

We’ll then be spending a few weekends in Alissa’s home town – Fond Du Lac Wisconsin. Kick things off with the Wine Walk ( at:

Annies Fountain City Cafe

72 S Main Street, Fond Du Lac Wisconsin

Friday June 16 (for the Wine Walk)

4pm to 8pm

We’ve got you morning people covered as well Saturday June 24 let’s stock up on fresh produce at one of the best farmer’s markets in the state

Fond Du Lac Farmer’s Market

Main Street – downtown

Saturday June 24

8am – noon

This culminates with the Rock for Hope event on Saturday July 1 featuring a number of artists and events supporting Salute the Troops.

Full details here:

Which brings us to this issue’s postlogue…

We find ourselves between the holidays Memorial Day and Fourth of July – a prime time to reflect on those whose sacrifice and service protect our republic. A sometimes imperfect union, it remains a nation built on uniquely sound principles and ideals worth striving for – and worth fighting for. I wager that each of us knows at least one veteran whose willingness to place their comfort, life and liberty in jeopardy such that ours be safeguarded is worthy of heartfelt thanks.

The J Ryan trio remains honored and humbled to support veterans through both our flagship charity the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative and the other charities we serve. These fantastic organizations working diligently to propel the Milwaukee and surrounding areas to a brighter future. Links to charities we have recently supported appear below. Check ‘em out – it’s worth the clicks.

Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative

Salute the Troops Wisconsin

Fisher House Wisconsin

HEAR Wisconsin

Going Home

Need some coffee to counterbalance a hard drinkin St Paddy’s day weekend? Why not join the J Ryan Trio at Brewed Cafe? An authentic Brady Street scene sporting great food complimenting a litany of coffee based creations.

Brewed Café

1208 E Brady Street

Saturday March 25

6:30pm – 9:00pm

I’ve read ‘You Can’t go Home Again’, been told I don’t gotta go home, but can’t stay here, and grooved to ‘Down Home Blues’. But the most fun was getting reacquainted with the piano I played at home as a kid. In preparation for our outing at Von Maur (see below) we wanted to hold our regular rehearsals with an acoustic grand. Me Mum (and former piano teacher, and pretty cool lady) graciously allowed our motley JRT to crash her humble abode and rehearse… loudly, using her piano. It made me smile to share real-book jazz with our crew on the same Baldwin on which I plunked out my first notes as a wee lad. I feel old. Mostly because I’m… you know… old.

Speaking of time’s passage, the World record for longest piano concert is 103 hours by Romuald Koperski of Poland, sporting 5 minute breaks every hour, and playing generally well known compositions without improvisation.

By comparison, we will host a short set to celebrate the grand opening of Von Maur at The Corners in Brookfield. A spectacular mixed use development, The Corners will feature Wisconsin’s first Von Maur store replete with a shopping experience unique, enjoyable, and enhanced with both great customer service – and live music. We are excited to have the illustrious Chris Peppas on percussion and master of keys Jeff Stoll helping us out for the evening shift on Saturday and Sunday.

Von Maur

At The Corners of Brookfield

20111 W Bluemound Road ?ID=45

(Instrumental Jazz)

Saturday April 8

10am to 7pm


Sunday April 9

12 noon to 6pm

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy. Invariably an opportunity to meet the most fun loving people while laying down the thumpinest party set of old school blues, rock and motown we can muster. It’s just a great place to be – and we can’t wait to see you there.

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy

218 N Water Street

414 221 6565 (reservations)

Saturday April 15

9pm to 1am – the wee small hours of the morning, just like Frankie said.

Thanks again your support for our music+charity mission. We are blessed to share good tunes and good times all for the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative.

Do check out our website – do like us on facebook, do stop out, do snag our recent album at any of our shows, don’t pet that dog – you don’t know where he’s been

This Newsletter Sanitized For Your Protection

Hello and happy new year 2017 to you all from

The KASANA brand has long been synonymous with exciting, uniquely prepared, expertly crafted authentic Argentinian cuisine. Chef Ana brings her culinary prowess and understated elegance to Winter Gallery Night at Great Lakes Distillery this Friday Jan 20. Featured will be the works of local artist Anita Burgermeister and the craft spirit infused cocktails of the Great Lakes Distillery alchemists.

The always classy JRT will bend some tones to keep the evening lively. Why not join us and show our nation’s energy pundits that ethanol belongs in a snifter, not in my car.

Winter Gallery night @ Great Lakes Distillery

616 W Virginia St

Milwaukee, WI 53204


Friday Jan 20

6pm to 11pm with music from 7pm until whenever

If you happen to be catching the Bucks / 76ers game on Monday Jan 16, say hi as the JRT lends a little R&B to MLK day in the EA (that’s east atrium).


Our recent outing to the friendly and fantastic city of Fond Du Lac included stops at WFDL Sunny 97.7 The Breeze, at 103.3 FM / 1170 AM Oldies and at the fabulous Annie’s Fountain City Cafe. For those who may have missed our foray into morning show madness and shock-jockery, please do check out the interview here. Astute listeners will notice our CD skips on air – a likely consequence of a cold CD on a frigid January morning. Live and unscripted, the gracious hosts (hi Nick, hi Greg) were an absolute riot to hang out with.

Our new friend Annie and her staff at Annie’s Fountain City further confirm that meeting and connecting with tremendous people is one of the sweetest dividends of our charity music endeavor. Much love and some Billy Joel to you, Annie.

To know me is to love me (pause for laughter) but to know my car is to know the folks at O-Reilly Auto Parts on a first name basis. As the JRT contemplates more out-of-town excursions, I will absolutely be leaning on Enterprise for temporary wheels. So in my indefatigable effort to bring you a high quality news letter, I thought I’d provide a ‘Musician’s Automotive Review” for cars that I rent. If ever you have asked a car salesman ‘how many keyboards can this thing hold?’ you quickly discover two things: 1) he don’t know and 2) once pegged as a musician they know your down payment and credit wont be enough to qualify you for even the free coffee in the showroom.

Thus allow me to give a quick summary of the 2015 Nissan Maxima. The thing is big – you could prolly fit 3 bodies in the trunk. OR you could fit both mains, mixing boards, two keyboards, stands and mics with enough room to spare for two vocalists and a driver. Impressive. It’s faster off the line than an exploding Takata airbag, but still clicks off 27mpg highway / ditch / median. Loading / unloading made convenient with no-key locks and low lift-in height. The nav system, trip computer and audio stack rival a Kurzweil PC3 when it comes to lighty-up buttons, settings and menus. Keyboard folks will like that. However, stickering at north of 30k, I wouldn’t want to park it in hinkier parts of town where real blues joints live – leave that for the ’74 Dodge Monaco. In short – it was a pleasure to drive and almost totally did not smell like the heavy febreeze odor was there to cover up some past weirdo stink.

Well, enjoy the balance of Dental Awareness Month.

CD Release Party – you’re invited

Hey – just a quick reminder before the tryptophan sets in, the J Ryan Trio will be holding our CD release party:

Saturday November 26

6pm until 9pm

Milwaukee Sail Loft

649 E Erie St., Milwaukee, WI 53202


We’ll be playing live music, and have time to sample tracks from the album. It’s a FUNdraiser with food, drinks, easy free parking, a petting zoo, expired lunchables, a toss-the-piano-man game, make-overs, do-overs, and Arnold Palmers.

Not really on most of that, but the food, drinks, parking, music and fun are for-real.

Now don’t feel obligated to purchase a CD – but if you do want one on a pay-what-you-feel basis, every dollar from CD sales benefits the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative. The phenomenal work that MHVI does for veterans in our community is critically important, especially as the temperature drops.

Can I say the phrase?
I don’t care – I’m sayin it anyways… “Our CD makes a great holiday gift”.
What? No – it yu-huh does too make a great gift.
Well what did you get last year?
See it’s way better than a Lens-Crafters gift certificate.
What’s now? A three season Dean Martin Celebrity Roast DVD box set? Well no, it’s not better than that, I mean duh.
Well heck no it’s not better than vintage Stevie Wonder on vinyl.

OK ok, so the JRT CD makes a great gift for folks you like, but don’t like all that much.

Greetings From The Middle Kingdom

I write this month’s J Ryan Trio newsletter from 39,000 ft somewhere over the Pacific. Bringing back with me from Shanghai some rusty chops, mild intestinal distress, pictures of new friends enjoying (or pretending to enjoy) our new CD, and a desire to never drink baijiu again. Jason on the base guitar is wheels-up from Osaka, Mike returns from ‘ole Me-he-co. We’ll all gather State-side for a few outings in November. Can’t hardly wait.

5 O’Clock Steakhouse

The Alley Cat Lounge upstairs (top floor, baby)

24’th and State – drive right on up and enjoy the valet parking

Reservations: (414) 342 3553

Friday November 4

8:15 to 11pm

It’s 5 O’Clock Steakhouse – THE Milwaukee steakhouse experience. I had the Steak Diane last month and wouldn’t shut-up about it for a week. It was that good. We’ll play real old school stuff maybe even fire up that vintage Hammond B3 organ for a few numbers.

Bugsy’s Back Alley Speakeasy

218 N Water St – enter via the alley off of Chicago street

Saturday November 12

9pm to 1am

What more can I say about this place? It’s always a party. Sometimes a birthday party, sometimes a bachelorette party, sometimes with festive hats, always a good time.

The Bay Restaurant

342 E Silver Spring Dr, Whitefish Bay

(414) 455-3045

Thursday November 17

8pm to 11pm

The Bay is your place for casual dining with attention to detail. Great ambiance, tasty food and a full bar all in the heart of walkable Whitefish Bay. We’ll add an eclectic mix of whatever you feel like hearing, from Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra to the Temptations and Michael Jackson. Eh, maybe we’ll play whatever I like.

And lest we forget – the J Ryan Trio CD release party is coming up.

Milwaukee Sail Loft

649 E Erie Street

(414) 223-0100

Saturday November 26

6pm till I dunno

bring the kids if you like

RSVP by replying to this email

Or just show up

Or both

Fun promo video HERE

Enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres or however you spell that, and pick up a copy of what is a only somewhat dissonant exploration of quarter tones – our new CD – J Ryan Trio – Under Cover. Our second release, this disc makes a great coaster, or shim for an uneven table. Every dollar raised from your donation goes direct to the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative – just in time to help our local vets before the Milwaukee winter sets in. Heck, make a donation and you don’t even have to take our CD, I’ll sell you an old Van Halen disc – now that’s a deal. They did rock though, didn’t they? ‘I’ll Wait’ off of 1984? Yeeeeah.

So howsabout some pictures? Check out the attached for greetings from the Middle Kingdom.

Hello from the movie set

Hello from the movie set

Hello from the wee tykes

Hello from the wee tykes

Hello from JinLing road east

Hello from JinLing road east

Hello from flight 288

Hello from flight 288

We’re Back, Baby!

In this issue: Introducing our new(ish) website – & – CD release party

As always, let’s start with upcoming outings during which you can lodge your complaints about us in person:

The Bay Restaurant

342 E Silver Spring Drive, Whitefish Bay

Reservations: 414-455-3045

Saturday, Sept 3

Set from 9pm to 11pm

The Bay is a great space for dinner, drinks and music. Fish done right – cod and salmon, but also consider the steak sandwich – see I like those roasted onions and mushrooms. That’s why no-one borrows my mic. Or pizza, including mac-n-cheese pizza featuring bacon. Yuuup. bacon. Just read that word aloud one time nice and slow – and there you go – we’ll see you Saturday.

Don’t forget – we’ll be at:

Street Eats streeteats

Catalano Square in the Third Ward

Friday, Sept 16

4pm to 8pm

Outdoor party and food truck fest sponsored by the fabulous folks at the Shepherd Express. You gotta soak in the outdoor fun while you can – Santa is only 120 days away – that portly chimney hound.

Five O’Clock Steakhouse

2416 W State Street in Mil-Town

Reservations: 414 342 3553

Friday, Sept 23

Set from 8:15 to 11pm

With pedigree spanning back to 1946 the Five O’Clock is the original, genuine and fully certified steakhouse experience. Why not live like the real Madmen enjoying a martini and steak voted ‘One of America’s Best’ by TV host Rachael Ray, voted top 100 by OpenTable Diner’s Choice, and voted Best Milwaukee Steakhouse by the Shepherd Express, Milwaukee Magazine, and yours truly. Parking is easy in the attached fenced lot. We’ll be in the Alley Cat lounge upstairs.

Bugsy’s Backalley Speakeasy

218 N Water – enter thru the alley just east of water on Chicago street

Saturday, Sept 24

9pm to 1am

Regular readers know how fond I am of Bugsy’s – because it is old school classy and off the hook fun. We’ll play a thumpin set – you come on out and party with us.

Actually, you can now check our full schedule at Astute readers of this muckraker will recall our website was hacked a while back – presumably by wankerous level 9 gymbags. I mean who hacks the site of a charity band? But with much appreciated help from our good friend Brian, and some updated design work from the lovely and vivacious Heather (such a hottie), we are up and running – with a fresh new look and a treasure trove of useful and informative content. Well, not useful or informative, but mostly spell-checked, and that’s something. So check out or find us on facebook – fun new videos.

JRT newsletter September 2016 - image - Mr Conway TwittyAlso – mark your calendars for Saturday Nov 26, 6pm at Sail Loft (649 East Erie Street). It’s the JRT CD Release Party. I’ve heard the disc and it’s worth a listen. I mean it’s not Burt Bacharach good, and it sure as heck isn’t Conway Twitty good, but it does make a decent drink coaster. Speaking of drinks: dear readers of our mailing list (that’s you) receive this personal and cordial invitation, appetizers and a free round of drinks at the release party. What other band is going to love you like that? Bring the kiddos – it starts early at 6pm. Sponsored by the good people of the Shepherd Express, you know it will be a good ole time. Of course every penny from CD sales benefits the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative.

Well, there’s more, including some overseas stuff – but that will have to wait for October’s newsletter. Besides I’m missing Archer right now so I gotta go watch the telly.